Convert Electron application into Single Exe


I have created basic application using Electron.
But i need all the application related files(Source,samples,dll etc) in to single .exe file.

How can i achieve it?

Any one please suggest.

Export Electron app to single exe with all dll and other files included

you can refer this


This isn’t what @Vignesh is asking for, what Vignesh is after is a way of bundling a Electron program on Windows into a .exe similar to the Mac’s .app.

The linked README seems to be a CLI program for the electron-packager module.


I think it creates .exe file in release folder


It’s not self-contained though. If you move that .exe somewhere else, without moving the rest of the folder with it, your app won’t run.




When after i get the .exe file from electron, when i moved that .exe file alone to some other place means it need dll and something to run. But in ElectronAPIDemosSetup from the link

It has .exe file alone… My expectation is the same How can i convert my electron application to single .exe as like ElectronAPIDemosSetup


Ah, that’s because it uses the electron-winstaller package. It gives you an exe installer and installs locally to your machine when run. All the user data, etc, isn’t bundled with it or anything, and you ideally want to use it from the installed location, not the .exe (because it’ll re-install and potentially overwrite any data you want to persist between uses). So it’s not entirely portable, and might not be what you’re really looking for.

But it will technically give you a single exe to use.


I used electron-quick-start project. I need to convert it as a installable .exe file

When i use electron-winstaller package,

In the below code,
gulp.task(‘create-windows-installer’, function(done) {
appDirectory: ‘./build/win32’,
outputDirectory: ‘./release’,
arch: ‘ia32’

what is my app directory?

i dont have any folder like build/win32.

in the above highlighted place what is my app directory?