[Contribution] Atom batch packages installer

I’ve developed and script to install serially multiple packages from a text file.
It’s developed in Python, and it have under development.

This is hosted in my Github profile’s under name atom-packages-installer.

Send me your opinions and pull requests.


apm already allows installing based on contents of file

Usage: apm install [<package_name>...]
       apm install <package_name>@<package_version>
       apm install <git_remote>
       apm install <github_username>/<github_project>
       apm install --packages-file my-packages.txt
       apm i (with any of the previous argument usage)

Install the given Atom package to ~/.atom/packages/<package_name>.

If no package name is given then all the dependencies in the package.json
file are installed to the node_modules folder in the current working

A packages file can be specified that is a newline separated list of
package names to install with optional versions using the
`package-name@version` syntax.