Continuous Search


This might be personal bias, but when I search for something inside my editor, there are two things I’m curious about:

  • how many matches are there?
  • what’s the next match

Oddly, Atom’s default behavior after + F + "term" + Enter when you press Enter again is to replace the current match and insert a new line. I expected it to go to the next match, but that’s only possible two ways:

  • + G
  • + F + Enter

I’m curious what prompted this design decision. Since it’s hard for me to see how useful the existing behavior is. But maybe I’m missing something obvious.

Incremental Search?

Personally I prefer this behaviour - after I find something, I want it to be selected so I can work with it. cmd+g is a systemwide shortcut to go to the next find result, so I’m just used to using that.



I have to say, I found this incredibly annoying as well.

In most other editors (Sublime Text, Notepad++ - even Textmate, I think from memory) - you press Ctrl+F to search, then you can press Enter to cycle through results.

Maybe it’s just me, but it’s pretty common that the first result may not be the one I want - or I just want to cycle through them to compare.

Was this a conscious design decision from the Atom team?

It just seems strange that it’s different to every other single editor.

It’s a pity we can’t put a poll in Discourse to see what’s more common for people…hmm.