Continuous launch error


I am having errors that pop up in the middle of using this application for school. I have several assignment that I need this for, and it all of the sudden quits on me & will just close.
additionally, it continuously has trouble launching.
I am unsure of what I need to do.
I am on an hp, all in one which is only like 2 years old. (purchased new)
please advise!..!


I think you ended up posting the wrong screenshot. It might also be helpful if you provide the version of Atom you’re using along with a list of packages you have installed, and try starting Atom from the command prompt with the command atom --safe to see if the errors and shutdowns happen when you don’t have any community packages installed.


Oh shit your right.
I thought it was the multiple error shot.
Literally just found the troubleshooter in properties for computer compatibility & its cherry.
I attached a pic if what it looks like open…