Contextual Find and Replace and Scripting


Hi Atom Fans

New here but have fond memories of a powerful text (character) editor named TECO (~1960s). Actually, “TECO is not only an editor but also an interpreted programming language for text manipulation”. It was used at some point (~ 1976) to create Emacs.

I am wondering if the Atom Editor has or could have contextual find and replace, such that one can search on a target and do a replace relative (in word or character space) to that target.

Further, what about scripting in macros? TECO was more lightweight and enigmatic in syntax while I could never get around to using one of the various incarnations of Emacs. I found vi to be almost enough. But I miss TECO! :wink:



This sounds like Regular Expressions.

You can script whatever you like using the Atom API. It is a bit lower-level in some ways than many macro languages for text editors that I’ve seen … but it works :grinning: