Context menus: keyboard shortcuts?


I’m using context menus largely as a way to inform my users about what actions are possible, and what the shortcuts are.

In native menus, keyboard shortcuts show up as right-justified:

Is there any way to do this with Atom’s context menus? Or does anyone have a hack? I tried embedding html in the item name, but it was auto-escaped :(. I hate using right click menus, but they’re very convenient for conveying which hotkeys work where, and it’d be great to match native menus without rolling my own context menu.


I have a feeling this will be a limitation of the underlying OS context menus. Atom could create its own implementation of context menus and it’d work, but using native ones you’d probably never get this at a guess.


Oh, gosh, sure enough. I can’t find a single example of shortcuts in contextual menus in osx. I’m complaining to the wrong folks.