Consume Services and execution order


I have a complex scenario where I am trying to leverage services but I am running into issues where a package is not activated and the consumed services are not picked up.

Package 1: Provides a series of services I’m using for rest
Package 2: Builds a menu
Package 3: Provides functionality and an item in the menu

My goal is to be able to call services from Package1 in Package 2, Register a new menu item for Package 2 against package 3, then when the menu item for Package 2 is selected I need to be able to still call the services from Package 1.

What would be the correct pattern for something like this?


Do you have activationCommands defined in your package.json for any of the packages? If so, you probably want to remove it if you want packages to be available immediately.


That nailed it!


I’m glad I could help you get it fixed! Let us know if you have any more questions :grinning: