Console/terminal pane on the side


Is it possible to have a console/terminal pane behaving like a normal tab? i.e. it can be put wherever in the split window? This’ll be useful for wide-screen users wanting to see code output on the side with more vertical space.

Several of the packages like terminal panel has it at the bottom and they’re not movable.


The term2 package behaves like you’re describing.


Yes you’re right @leedohm . I’ve been searching all day but never encountered it. Thank you!

Somewhat related (perhaps I should ask in a new thread), I was actually looking for something similar to the build system in Sublime Text, where it’s built and run from within the editor, and result is output to the console. (see bottom)

And I wish this console could be on the side.

I understand Atom doesn’t have native build-systems. Any recommendation? I’m switching to Atom and have been looking to set up my usual workflow here.


There is a build package that is actually pretty nice. Very easy to set up any kind of build.
If you want output on the side instead of at the bottom you I think need to change the package. Which shouldn’t be hard.


Thank you. I saw that but this is not so ideal as it says:

Create a file named .atom-build.json in your project root:

So that means I’ll have to create a build file for every project? That’s a bummer.

However after some searching I found atom-runner and script. Hope that’s helpful for anyone sharing my issue.


I’ve downloaded the script package, but I can’t find how to split the editor/console left/right as opposed to the default top/bottom split. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance.


You can’t. script creates a panel that appears at the bottom of the editor. In order to make the output appear in a different part of the editor, the feature would have to be added to the package.


Oh. That’s unfortunate for us wide-screen folks. Thanks anyways!


There’s an open issue about it.


u can use Show output in new tab then use split left to that tab