Console panel package


Hi there :slight_smile:

Continuing to improve Particle Dev we’ve build another Atom package which may be useful to other community members. Package is console-panel. It’s a basic pluggable console for your logs, compiler output or any lengthy text your package may need to present to the user. It looks like this:

Package provides a service (API described in readme) so feel free to integrate it in your package and please report any bugs/feature suggestions :slight_smile:


Very cool! Kudos to packaging it as a service too :grinning:


Yeah, services are a godsend :slight_smile: Still missing ability to depend on other packages makes it a bit of an hassle with stuff like atom-package-dependencies.

Whole Particle Dev will soon be split into multiple services/packages talking with each other allowing community members to hack and reuse more :slight_smile:


The decision was made when creating services to make dependencies on services not packages to be the primary dependency mechanism. This allows one to create an API that many different packages can provide their own implementation for and the user can choose the one they like best. I used this detail in the design of the tree-view.file-icons service I’ve submitted as a PR:


Interesting! Atom goes so fast it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Definitely a great way to go about it :slight_smile: