Connecting via SSH 100% CPU

I’m connecting to a remote server via SSH/SFTP using ForkliftMini to mount it as a local disk on MacOS Catalina.

When I “Add Project Folder” in Atom I can view the directories/files in TreeView. After about 30 seconds I notice that the ForkliftMini process is running constantly at ~100% CPU usage and Atom becomes very slow to open files from the server.

When I quit Atom it doesn’t slow down the CPU usage, I have to force quit the ForkLiftMini process. Once that stops the Atom Helper process then starts to run at ~100% CPU until I force quit that too.

Does Atom index or scan directories and files when a project folder is added? I don’t have this problem using other editors such as Nova, Coda, Dreamweaver, they all play nicely with mounted drives via ForkLift, barely any CPU usage and I can browse/open/save files almost instantly.

The only community packages I have installed are ‘sass’, ‘sass-autocompile’, ‘pigments’ and ‘file-icons’. I’ve tried disabling them but it made no difference. I haven’t tried disabling any core packages yet as I’ve no idea where to start.

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great, I really like Atom and would like to continue using it.