Connecting to github with my ATOM - steps to take

i have had some experience with ATOM and github - but now i have to do a restart. This thread helps me. i have some questions to make clear that i understand all well…: just set me straight if i am wrong.

we can merge GitHub with Atom, so you can pull your repo on GitHub to Atom,
that said we can:

  • see changes on Atom,
  • make changes in Atom,
  • commit in Atom, and then push to GitHub, similiar to GitHub Desktop just with a built-in editor. the core function “Git-Integrator” is a great feature:

i have started ATOM and i have logged into my GIthub-account - online. Now the question is: how to connect to github from ATOM - how to connect both!? At the moment all looks like so:

again - i have started and i am looged online into my github account
and atom runs at the moment

which steps should i take next"!?

love to hear from you