Connecting the dots - Browser-Plus


Just released the Browser-Plus Package(…(thanks to mark hanh - for initial browser package idea).Finally found time to address the problems in the Preview-Plus(…

With Browser-Plus it is now possible to open a real browser(almost) in Atom. Which gives endless possiblities…

Here are some feature…

  1. Live Preview
  2. Back/Forward Button
  3. DevTool
  4. Refresh
  5. History
  6. Preview
  7. Favorites…

More to come…will be documenting the WIKI

So the Preview Plus uses the Brower-Plus for all html previews
In the Navigate Package( - I have added the
F1 help --> to go to devdoc

Ablity to press f2 to navigate to the url
or even better customize you key to the url

title: ‘F1 - Help’
type: ‘string’
default: ‘

title: ‘F1 - Help’
type: ‘string’
default: ‘

title: ‘Stack Overflow Search’
type: ‘string’
default: ‘

title: ‘AtomIO Search’
type: ‘string’
default: ‘

But you could add another key and may be CTRL-F4 and on the default --> put any url with the search term/word under the cursor or selected text and use it wit the url specified

and ofcourse you could press f2 on the text under the cursor (http/localhost/file) and open the browser…
and if it is core package it would like require(‘fs’) would navigate to the github fs source code…



Very nice! Just wondering, have you looked at mozilla’s browser.html ? Maybe there is some code that could be borrowed from that?