Connecting GitHub with Atom


As seen in here, you can merge GitHub with Atom, so you can pull your repo on GitHub to Atom, see changes on Atom, make changes in Atom, commit in Atom, and then push to GitHub, similiar to GitHub Desktop just with a built-in editor. An extra video can be found in the other post. So what a normal preson would think: How can I log in in Atom. Maybe I don’t know what to do, but I really think you have to log in with your GH account on Atom, because you actually have no perms to push commits.

So actually my question is the following: How am I going to connect Atom with GH, so I can see everything in GH in Atom (externally). If I am misunderstanding something, maybe you can’t, because of this post I found in here. But the Version is old, and the core function “Git-Integrator” is firstly introduced 8 versions after it. There are no instructions, which is really bad imo.

I already have a repo, and know how to link, if I know the basics. I am very sensible about anything outside an editor, so please give me an introduction to anything I need to know.

Thanks for reading.


You’re misunderstanding what Atom’s git integration does. Atom doesn’t let you see your GitHub account. It does tell you which files have changed relative to your remote repo, as well as pull requests for a repo hosted on GitHub (if you use that). You can add/commit/push from inside Atom and you can create new branches, but you can’t do fine branch manipulation or merging activities from within Atom.

How familiar are you with git? Is your experience limited to GitHub Desktop?


If you mean the git app that seems like a shell, I have no idea what to do. I struggle creating a remote. Before I found Atom I edited in my repo in the GH Editor. Because I am creating a site, I sometimes use codepen to see a preview. I used GH Desktop just to upload multiple files because I found no other use. If you can just loop up changes, how do I do it? Maybe I can suggest an better Git integration?


You have misread my question, @DamnedScholar. Fetching/Pulling a GH repo in Atom, then changing text in Atom, pushing it back up to the GH repo, for example, IS POSSIBLE. Sadly, I had to find out myself, which worked. Please read the explanation, mate:

To connect GitHub with Atom you will have to do CTRL+SHIFT+P and search for GitHub: Clone. There, paste the URL of your GH repo into it, set your folderpath to where you want to store the files and you will have a cloned repo. The Git tab should automatically response and replace the text Create a repo to start (similar to that) with two change-boxes (Unstaged changes and Staged changes) and a small message box for the text you want to have before commiting. But firstly you will have to fetch your repo by clicking on the two icons (arrow up & down) and wait. If there is an error, it would say that they can’t find your GH account. Ignore, and push changes (You will have to save the changes first with CTRL+S and double click in unstaged changes). A window will open and there you will have to log in with your GH account.

No Git (Bash) is needed, no other packages or anything like that. Sorry for the bad explaination, I forgot most of the stuff, because I can’t remember stuff. If any other persons struggle, I am glad to help.


That’s not git. That’s actually a shell, bash, ported to Windows. It allows a more Linux-like command-line experience, but it’s not the only way to use git. I asked that question to get an idea of your fluency with git. I believe that you should try GitKraken, which gives a much richer experience managing a repository than you can get from any of the other programs I’ve tried.

If you can just loop up changes, how do I do it?

I’m not sure what you mean by “loop up changes”.

You have misread my question

I apologize. When I read your post, it sounded like you wanted to do actions relating to your GitHub account, not actions enabled by the git program itself.


It seems like a visualation tool for me. Actually useless when I only have one branch, me, as one contributor, and don’t need to know what changed. They explained me so in the video when going on ‘Features’. There is no editor. I just wanted to use the ATOM editor to “not” manage my GH repo, but to pull and push files, with editing it (so I don’t have to clone it myself and push it myself in GH Desktop)

Err… yes, I don’t know what I said there.

It could be my bad english that prevented a good explanation.

Relating to my explanation, I just had to clone the repo, log in when pushing and I am done. You will see staged/unstaged changes + the commit box and two arrows on the side. BUT, here is the problem: When restarting my PC, data is lost (not actual data, but hopefully you get it), what means I can’t push/pull anymore. It says again, to create a repo to start off. I tried this: Delete your repo, and clone it again… Didn’t help. So, it works fine, but restarting will make everything… broke?


No. It shouldn’t, anyway. After you restart, what happens when you navigate to the folder within a shell and use the command git status? Is the top-level folder in Atom still the folder with the git repo?


No sorry, it just broke because of my fault. It works perfectly, even on more than one computer! Nice!