Connected Bracket?



I think its a popular problem but I tried to find a post about it but nothing…

So my problem is that I can’t find any option to have help to show me where is the end, or the beggining of a curly bracket.
I mean you know the bracket is underline but when you have hundreds lines of codes it would be easier if a line in the number of line conduct you to the other bracket…

So I hope there is an option for this, and to someone can help me…

Thank you !


Did you search for third-party packages?

My personal favourite is this one:


Hey !
Indeed this is better than the actual one, who just underline, this is pretty long to find the end or the beggining of the bracket if this is a long function… But still i’d rather have one who make a line.
I would like to create a such fonctionnality but I need to follow tutorial and I don’t have time for now :confused:


If you are at one of the pair, ctrl-m will jump to the other one.


Ok thank you dude !