Connect to SQL with AD Account?


Hey guys.

I’m new to Atom, but enjoying it so far!!
I installed Quick-Query (and others) to connect to MSSQL, and it works find for basic Sql User Accounts… but i’d like to connect with Windows AD.
Any idea how to do that?



I don’t know anything about this. Can you provide a link to some documentation? What do you expect to happen based on this connection?


In Atom, I’d like to connect to MSSQL with an Active Directory account.
(language-sql, quick-query-mssql, git-plus)
Looks like maybe I need to use a connection file: “data-atom-connections.cson” ???
Interesting article:

But not not really sure.


So, maybe I need ‘data-atom’, and then I can customize the connection-string?
But that package asked for ‘etch

Tried to install ‘etch’, and got this error:
“Etch components must implement update(props, children)”

Any ideas?


Could you post a screenshot of this? It’s unusual for a package to request permission to install a dependency. You as an end user should never interact directly with etch, because it lives in the folder of the individual package.