Connect to Raspberry Pi 3 via SSH


I’m pretty new to programming and haven’t used Atom before but my computer/programming wizard friend has uses it and I like the features that I’m seeing so far. I am working on a raspberry pi based project for my company and would really like to connect to it via ssh and use Atom to modify the programs instead of IDLE (nothing wrong with IDLE, been using it for a while, just wanting an upgrade). I have been looking around the internet for some way to do this and there’s lot’s of info on how to connect with PuTTy but not with Atom. Is there a package(s) that I need? Is this even possible?


There’s nothing built-in to Atom for this, no. There are some packages that offer features of this type, but I tend to recommend just using an external utility for it.


Searching packages for “ssh” will yield a few results. I have not used any of them enough to be able to recommend them.

For a console emulator, I’d suggest cmder over PuTTY. PuTTY’s interface is still fairly rudimentary and its automation and customization capabilities leave much to be desired. cmder gives you a lot of power-user features and includes aliases and autocompletions that allow you to navigate the command line in Windows in the same way you do on Linux.