Connect to different servers for each project, and save FTP settings?


Hi there, Atom community!

I am a lowly front-end developer who works primarily with Wordpress-based websites for multiple clients. The majority of our client sites (40+) are hosted on Flywheel, but a handful of clients prefer to keep their sites and databases on their own servers under their own accounts.

Seeing as how I’m not using Github for versioning or as a repository, I would like to just use Atom as a text editor. (I’ve used Dreamweaver, FileZilla, CyberDuck, and Sublime in the past for both FTP and file editing.)

What I’d like is the ability to set up individual project folders (for both Flywheel-based sites and non-Flywheel sites alike) and set them each up with their individual FTP information. From what I’ve seen in playing with Atom for a week or so, you have to connect to the server with new credentials each time you switch between projects on different servers (and from what I can tell, there is no way to save FTP credentials for each project). My best guess: that functionality is there somewhere and I am just missing it completely. :wink:

So: is there a Dreamweaver-like way to set up each project folder with it’s own FTP/SFTP credentials, so that when I click ‘connect’ it’s already got all of the server credentials plugged in for that particular site (rather than me having to manually type them in each time)?

There may be probably is a simple way to do this, but I have been playing with the program and searching the web on and off this week, and haven’t found a clear answer.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


Is no one willing to help here? I know it seems like a simple — if not outright dumb — question, but I am hoping for an answer from someone who is in the know. Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? :wink:


I don’t use FTP for anything, actually … so I don’t even know if there is a package that offers this kind of functionality. Atom doesn’t support FTP out of the box, so it would have to be a package.


As Lee said, Atom doesn’t have built-in FTP support, so you’re probably using some package. If that package doesn’t have the ability to store the FTP settings then logging a feature request on that package would be a good way to go. Another option is to try another FTP package.

For interest sake, which FTP package are you currently using? Also, do you need to edit individual files via FTP or do you need to have the whole project available in Atom? Knowing that would help to choose a package that meets your needs.

PS. There’s nothing lowly about being a front-end developer. Go forth and be awesome!


This one integrate ftp as part of the tree-view and have a per project ftp settings.
It is also the second most downloaded for keyword ftp.