Connect Atom with Google Apps Script API

Hi. This is my first post and I am new to Atom also.
Lately I am working on Google Apps Script API . Web editor that Google provide is not good as atom.

So I want

  1. Apply changes instantly on Google and not copy and paste code
  2. Auto complete methods , for and if statements if that possible

Good idea. I looked at Google Apps Script API (I have a Google account) and I see that clasp might offer the CLI link between Atom and Google. At least, this is where I would start. But I have not tried this experiment.

  • Create your App script in Atom.

  • In Atomprocess-palette package create clasp commands (using Atom filepath as arg)

In this way you should be able to pipe script in Atom editor to Google API.

I manage to use clasp from command line. I will try to combine it with process-palette or something else and I will inform you

Note that process-palette allows you to place menus for each command on the top bar of Atom. I use this top bar menu option to run various scripts on selected files. So you can list your clasp commands as menu item. I have top category named Run and then in drop down list I have sub items like Python, R, Java, Lua …