Connect a project folder to an existing Github repository


I work on the following project on my MacBook Pro with IDE Atom.
Now I want to sync my local folder with the Github Repository that exists
already on Github. GitHub - thewebinarts/heartcare: Exemple on website with the framework Bootstrap for a non-profit organisation in the heart of people, who are some difficulties

I initialize the folder but I can clone with the original Github Repository.

So, how can I sync/connect the existing Github repository with my local project?

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Try to clone your project to another folder, then add your project folder to the cloned one, commit and push. Merge the conflicts and it will be done.

Hi @lordaker. It sounds like you might want to add the GitHub repository as a “remote” to your local folder. I believe this needs to be done on the command-line.

You can change directory into the project folder you’ve been working in and run some commands:

In your project folder, you can do git remote add github And then do git remote update to synchronize your local project folder to be aware of the status of the repository hosted on GitHub.

I would proceed carefully from there, and I would also recommend backing up your local files that you’ve worked on to another copy, somewhere safe. It’s easy to lose files when synchronizing between a remote repo and your local one. If you need any more help with git commands I can try to help.

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