Congratulations to Discourse on delivering v1.0!


For those of you who don’t know, Discourse is the engine that this forum runs upon. One of the reasons I think that this forum is a great resource is all of the infrastructure and cool tools that Discourse provides for us that make communication easy.

Just a few days ago, Discourse left the infamous “beta” stage and declared v1.0. I think the audience here, being mostly programmers and other tech types realize what a significant milestone that is … when you’re confident enough to say, “Ok, this really is ready for prime time.” So, congratulations to @codinghorror, @sam, @eviltrout and anyone I may have missed!


I liked this comment left on the announcement:

Edit: I can’t get the gif to show up properly, it looks all weird when I upload it here… But I mean Picard, that much is obvious, and hilarious.


Thanks! I love working on this project and I’m delighted that Github are using it for Atom!


What I love is that animated gifs are now animated.


I went ahead and fixed that for you @batjko :grinning:

Though, I’m partial to this one:


Thank you, @leedohm!
But what did I do wrong then? :confused:
I tried uploading using the button, as well as drag&drop. And I downloaded the gif file first from the comment on Discourse, so… same file, I’d think.


This one seems to work.


I think it is just the way the file was encoded. The one from the Discourse blog looked a little hinky, the one from was much cleaner.