Conflicting TAB snippets


Hey guys,

is there any way I can disable one of the snippets which are called the same way? For example:

When I type this code: .form-group and I hit tab, it generates this code:



instead of using emmet:expand-abbreviation-with-tab command. Is there any way I can fix this? It’s really annoying.



No need to become spiteful.
There are a lot of issues which people see as deal breakers and that’s absolutely fine.

That being said, issues are best reported on the repository. If they are reported on here, some people may have come across and have suggestions or not, until the topic is lost to pagination the next day or week.

If you still have that issue, have you opened it officially on the repo?


Since this is the first time I have seen this topic, my first suggestion would be to try atom --safe and confirm this issue still exists then.
If not, it will be a specific package that may interfere with another, both trying to auto-complete with snippets.

And the usual question:
Which atom version is being used if this is still an issue now?