Configure package from within another package


Is there a way to configure a package from within another package?

To be a bit more concrete, atom-haskell is a set of curated packages to quickly get setup with haskell. Currently it just installs all the packages needed, and comes with a bit of advice and a config.cson snippet you can throw into your own configuration.

I would like to make this more streamlined, but removing the manual step of adding the snippet to config.cson, and instead set up theses packages upon install.

Is such a thing even possible atm, or would I need to result in some hacky method with writing to config.cson directly?



Using atom.config is not limited to the scope of the package, so yes, you can configure third-party packages as well. As a precaution, I’d display a notification explaining the changes and – more importantly – asking the user to permission to make those changes.


Ah, thanks! Don’t know how I missed this, but it’s perfect for what I was looking for :slight_smile: