Configuration sync


Atom should include some native mechanisms for versioning and, in particular, synchronizing editor configurations (including installed packages) across machines.

Stylesheet Synchronisation

This would be great, something à la Sublimall but, given the integration with GitHub, perhaps more automated? It would be cool to see an Atom package that allows you to either quickly create or point to a repository that stores your configuration and makes commits when you change it.


Indeed, I’d be glad to see this as a package if it’s feasible, but I think the opportunity to design a seamless server-side integration for configuration and even state synchronization with GitHub infrastructure is too much . As it stands, in nearly all editors, it just takes too much work to keep configuration and state synchronized, so in practice most people start with a git repository of dotfiles or some such, but quickly let things drift out of sync between machines. Atom + GitHub are in a strong position to tangibly improve this situation in practice.


If you are on a unix machine you could actually make a soft link from the config file which can be stored in eg. Dropbox or some other cloud based system.


Try something like HomeSick


You can do all of these things, and I have in the past, but:

  1. Most editors/config file consumers don’t live-reload configs in a way that makes it safe to rely on this with multiple editors open and changing the same profile at the same time.

  2. It requires much more manual intervention than a system that was built natively into the editor core.


I’m a big fan of how Chrome just syncs all your extensions, configurations, even cookies across machines. I would :heart: :heartpulse: :heart: if Atom worked like this …


While we wait for a more formal solution (I like the simple, automatic, idea), is it safe to make a Mac alias of the .atom folder on Dropbox to each computer to be kept in sync?

I think it would be OK, for my purposes, to expect only one copy of Atom to be running at a time (I’d want to sync my desktop and laptop).


Yep, I have my Atom configuration stored in my dotfiles Git repository through symlinks. I’m pretty sure others have done it through Dropbox.


Closing this in favor of the slightly older topic …

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