hi i am a new in this forum and also a new atom user.
if i start atom editor i become this message.

Failed to load config.cson
[stdin]:25:19: error: invalid regular expression flags bin
phpPath: /usr/bin/php

can somebody tell what does mean
advanced thank you for any help and answer



Please share the contents of your config.cson file (at ~/.atom/config.cson or File -> Config...). Hastebin is a great site for that. Make sure to censor any API keys you see, but otherwise leave everything intact.


_analyticsUserId: “539fac4b-2942-473e-83a4-3a5b366d0557”
disabledPackages: [
telemetryConsent: “limited”
themes: [
fontSize: 15
userId: “29556dab-b77f-4283-948f-764eaacafea0”
fontFamily: “Overpass Mono”
phpPath: /usr/bin/php
phpExecutablePath: usr/bin/php
showOnStartup: false

php path. run ‘which php’ to find the path

‘executablePath’: /usr/bin/php

that’s it also the beautyfi dosen’t work the program starts and nothing it’happen.
Thank’s for you help


i use linux mint os 18.3


Like I said, Hastebin is a great site for file sharing and you should use it. I can’t read what you’ve posted because the forum formatted it, and I can’t help you unless you follow my instructions and give me something that I can read.


ok i will look about them!


Don’t just look at it. Post your file to that site, save it, and post the link here and I can help you.


hi damned i hope that’s it

Failed to load config.cson
[stdin]:25:19: error: invalid regular expression flags bin
phpPath: /usr/bin/php


Okay. You need to remove two of the spaces in front of 'linter-php' and delete the line that starts with #. Then it will work.


Doesn’t he also need to indent line 32 as well? It looks like it’s for the linter-php property.


Oh, yeah. That would help. Indent that, outdent 'linter-php', and remove the line in between, and add quotes to the paths. It will look like

    phpPath: '/usr/bin/php'
    phpExecutablePath: 'usr/bin/php'
    showOnStartup: false
    'executablePath': '/usr/bin/php'


thanks for you help
it works
great community