Config.cson opens every time automatically



Great editor, I love it. Everything works fine except when opening package installer it stucks every now and then for a while… But that is a different subject.

Every time I open Atom editor, it opens automatically config.cson -file. I haven’t found any setting that would prevent this. There is also project folder “config” opened, and when I close it is comes back after reopening the editor.

Is that a bug or am I just doing something wrong? It really isn’t a big deal, just wanted to inform and of course it is stupid to close it everytime.

Thanks and keep up the good work, haven’t used Notepad++ since installation of Atom :smiley:


Can you please close all Atom instances, clear the ~/.atom/storage directory and try again?


Where is it located in Windows -version? Couldn’t find…


On Windows 7+ .atom is located in C:\Users\USER\.atom\


Sorry, forgot to answer… But something strange happened: it won’t open again. It happened for two weeks and when I posted here it stopped. And I didn’t event clear the storage.

Let’s hope it stays that way. Thanks for help anyways!