Complete web page debugging support


IMHO the first text editor out that gets support for firebug is going to be the clear winner. Either get an ability to handle break points in Atom or get atom to appear in the firebug text editor window, or watch a temporary file and replace the contents of the screen with what ever is in firebug and vica-versa.


Are you talking about Firebug support as in load the local project as if it is behind a web server and then use Firebug to debug the local project’s code? Or are you talking about Firebug-like tools for developing Atom? If it is the latter, Atom already has that with the Chrome Developer Tools.


Let me see if I can clear up what I’m saying…

Firebug is client side debugging of remote webpages. I use it for that purpose and to develop new code (figuring out a function perhaps). You cannot save from firebug and I am not asking for that feature. (The files I want to edit are completely contained in memory after downloaded by the browser) I would like the text navigation, searching, and multiple line editing all while in the confines of client side code in firebug.

So either shrink atom and place it physically where firebugs’ text editor is, next connect the existing Step over, step through buttons to get atom to highlight different lines of text. Next get mouse overs to show variable values and you’re there.

An alternative possibility would be much more complex to execute. Put the entire debugging set of tools (stack trace, DOM explorer, CSS editor, etc…) in Atom. Basically you would rewrite Firebug from the ground up just to switch out the text editor.

Meanwhile Firebug has an ability to work with an external editor, but this feature never really took off (AFAIK) it’s more closely aligned with the first option.

Chrome or any other Google solution is closed source spyware, I do not consider this an viable solution.


The text editor in Firebug is somewhat crude. It has smart tabbing, searching, and an ability to jump to a line number; but that’s it. Everything else is great. Atom has a great text editor but no ability to debug.


Ideally one does not want to have to copy fixes from the debugger to the editor. If the integration is smooth and robust then one can achieve much higher focus because one avoids mental context switching between tools. Also there is a net savings of screen real estate because you only need one copy of the code being debugged on the screen. That said robust and smooth integration with debuggers is hard because debuggers interact so intimately with buggy programs. If I had to choose one 1) a robust editor where I didn’t need to worry about loosing edits because the program I’m writing crashed. 2) Tight integration between the editor and the debugger which worked 98% of the time I would choose 1.


it’s an absolute crime this doesn’t exist in Atom. VSCode has it and it works great, here it is:

What is needed is simple: chrome debugging capability, but in Atom, using your own files that you can edit and save.


What I did to facilitate this was to rewrite firebug so that when I click “Run” it looks in the coding window if that window contains a string //LoadFromFile:<file> then instead of executing the code it loads the file off disk and runs that code instead. I can’t debug or stack trace but better than not having it.