Compiling C++ on Windows?


Hello, i recently downloaded Atom, it seems fantastic as a text editor but i am having some issues… I downloaded the gpp-compiler package to be able to compile within Atom, although it doesn’t really work… or at least not as i expected it to. In the info for the package, it says i need to have g++ installed, and “C:\MinGW\bin” added to path". I do have g++ installed, although the only time i can get the compiler to function is when the .cpp file is actually in C:\MinGW\bin. Not even within a sub folder, but within the same directory. And even then, it doesn’t run as i was expecting and a command prompt just comes up, quickly runs through any cout statements i had, then closes. Is there a way to add a path to the compiler that i don’t realize? Is there programs i am missing? Basically, i am asking for the easiest way to get compiling c++ on windows… Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You should also ask this in the repo issues section of that package.


Have you taken a look at the build package? It sounds like it might be a bit simpler to set up and a bit more flexible.