Compile SASS when using Remote-FTP


Hello everyone,

I am discovering Atom (love the interface !), and I installed Remote-FTP. I’m using SASS in my projects, but Remote-FTP doesn’t compile on save. So I installed SASS-Autocompile. But this package compile my SASS in my local folder, not on my server… Is there a way to compile directly in FTP ? Compile, upload and change my file of directory is very time-consuming…

Thank you very much !


Sure. Someone just has to write a package to do both.


So, now, no package like this exist ?


Not that I know of. You could always compile the Sass on your computer and then sync the compiled files to your server. That seems a lot easier.


Three possible solutions:

  1. Connect to your server using WebDAV
  2. Mount the host directory to your file-system
  3. Sync your local files using a third-party solution

I’m not sure what exactly you’re working on or why you need to run it on an external server, but have you considered using a local web-server during production?