Compile SASS when using Remote-FTP


Hello everyone,

I am discovering Atom (love the interface !), and I installed Remote-FTP. I’m using SASS in my projects, but Remote-FTP doesn’t compile on save. So I installed SASS-Autocompile. But this package compile my SASS in my local folder, not on my server… Is there a way to compile directly in FTP ? Compile, upload and change my file of directory is very time-consuming…

Thank you very much !


Sure. Someone just has to write a package to do both.


So, now, no package like this exist ?


Not that I know of. You could always compile the Sass on your computer and then sync the compiled files to your server. That seems a lot easier.


Three possible solutions:

  1. Connect to your server using WebDAV
  2. Mount the host directory to your file-system
  3. Sync your local files using a third-party solution

I’m not sure what exactly you’re working on or why you need to run it on an external server, but have you considered using a local web-server during production?


Hi guys,
almost as soon as I posted on here I had to delete it because I found a responably good solution.

In Atom there is a plugin called Remote Synch ( it has a feature that allows to monitor file on external save. So by selecting the css file compiled from SCSS, this will upload the compiled css file.

hope this helps someone.

One of the simplest and best solutions out there.