Compile & Run Julia Script in Atom



I am trying to compile and run a julia script (.jl file). I DLed the Julia code from their website, I’ve installed IJulia, and I have the following packages installed in atom:

When I right click and do compile and run it gives the following error: Uncaught TypeError: Bad argument. For reference, I’ve doubled checked and Atom is correctly recognizing the language as Julia.

If I press shift and enter then it shows me the output of the line of the script in the scripting/editing window, like so:

If I go to the terminal (see below) I cannot type (no idea why), so that’s not working either.

Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong or what I am misunderstanding?


I don’t know anything about Juno or Julia. Juno has its own forum, though, so you can probably find people with more expertise there.


…nothing to see.

On a different note, most packages in Atom are only acting as the “middleman” for the program that actually does the hard work. This means that you need a working installation of whatever it takes to run a Julia file normally on your computer, before it will work in Atom.

I suggest confirming you can run the program normally first (e.g., in the command line) before trying to set it up with Atom.


Good plan, and thank you for the tip about atom.

So I cannot use it from the regular windows command line. I can use it if I go to the install directory and double-click on the julia icon (it opens up a julia terminal). I added the install directory to the windows path variable but that hasn’t seemed to change anything. Still cannot call it from the command line.


My previous tip may not apply in this case though, it was more of a general thing.

Also, can you please confirm you are trying to run it through hydrogen (I saw it on the installed list you provided). If so, have you set up the correct kernels? The wiki (link below) says you need to install IJulia. If you don’t have it already, that could be the problem. The instructions seem detailed enough, but again I can’t help if things don’t work out like they would in an ideal world.


Hey Aerijo – I already installed Ijulia. When I do shift+enter the hydrogen seems to be working, shows output like shown (see original post).

The problem is when I try to do compile and run it tells me Uncaught TypeError: Bad argument which I am unsure of how to interpret.