Compile more LESS files if I using one main LESS file


I have more .less files (for example pager.less, order.less, tabs.less etc) and one mail LESS file styles.less, where I have variables and mainly Imports (for example @import “tabs”; etc). So when I edit some less file a need compile main LESS file, where are @imports. How exactly I can do it? Thank you very much!


It’s hard to give directions without knowing what tool is being used. What are you using to compile your LESS files?


Now via terminal (Git bash), where I using GULP. But I want (and it is question) solve it via some plugin in editor or via terminal in editor if it is possible?


Atom has multiple packages for compiling LESS. Take a look at them and find out what works for you.


And can you recommend something by your experience or somebody else?


I haven’t needed to use any of them, because my LESS has been for external programs that have their own compilers.