Compile Errors - I made one patch to the source code to work!


when I’m compiling the atom for linux (FC20 - x64) the system raise a error:

Syntax error on line 18, column 24: unexpected ‘,’ (\u002C)
15 :   ‘cmd-d’: 'find-and-replace:select-next’
16 :   ‘cmd-e’: 'find-and-replace:use-selection-as-find-pattern’
17 :
18 : ‘.platform-win32 .editor’, ‘.platform-linux .editor’:
^^ :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^
19 :   ‘f3’: 'find-and-replace:find-next’
20 :   ‘shift-f3’: 'find-and-replace:find-previous’
21 :   ‘ctrl-d’: 'find-and-replace:select-next’
Aborted due to warnings.

I made a litle change on the file node_modules/find-and-replace/keymaps/find-and-replace.cson to avoid that error:
Changed ‘.platform-win32 .editor’, ‘.platform-linux .editor’: to
’.platform-win32 .editor, .platform-linux .editor’:

I have no idea what this will affect the app, but its done \o/ =)


Could you just go ahead and submit this as a pull request?



I’m going to close this topic because it is fixed now.

closed #5