`compile-cache` ends up in $HOME


According to the release notes for v0.90.0 the compile-cache folder should now be located at ~/.atom/compile-cache, but it actually ends up in ~/compile-cache.

I’m assuming this has already been fixed, but I figured I’d report it just case.


I have this problem right now. Kind of annoying.


@ProbablyCorey, can you let us know if this has been reported for Core?


@thomasjo thanks for reporting this! It will be updated in v0.91.0


I’m really sorry about this, it will be in ~/.atom/compile-cache in the next release.

It was previously in /tmp/atom-compile-cache but this was causing issues for people using Atom across multiple accounts.


No worries! Not a big issue, just a minor annoyance. Glad to see it’ll be fixed in the next release though :smiley:


I have a query on the cache location. Would ~/.atom/compile-cache be backup to time machine?

and, would it be more consistent (to Chrome and other OSX apps) and put compile-cache under ~/Library/Application Support/Atom ?


Not sure about the Time Machine question but Atom has been using ~/.atom for caches to make them easier for people to clean out if something goes wrong vs. ~/Library/Application Support/Atom.

But maybe now that things have matured and are more stable we can switch to a better OS default location.


Time Machine backs up everything that’s not excluded. So, ~/.atom will be backed up.

The contents of ~/Library/Caches/ will not be backed up, so ~/Library/Caches/Atom/ could be a good location for the compile-cache directory.