Compatibility on Linux ARM


Just wanted to know if atom is compatible with Linux ARM or if there are any plans to release it. There don’t seem to be any decent editors on this platform…


Does anyone know if it is compatible? I know there is a pretty big community programming on the raspberry pi, beaglebone, etc.


Has anyone brought Chromium to an ARM system?
I think Atom has a lot of dependencies that make niche systems a bit more difficult to build for.

That being said, it’s probably not impossible, but Chromium would be the biggest hurdle here I think, far from the only one though.


Yes, Chromium is available for ARM systems.


Also Chromebooks. There are a lot of us with ARM Chromebooks that have full Linux distributions on them that could really do with a better editor.


There are other challenges with ChromeOS. There is another topic regarding that over here: