Compass/CSS3 on Mac osX - Atom


Good afternoon everyone,

    • warning - bit of a noob here * *

for a project I need a sass-file that starts with:

@import "compass/css3";
Of course, I don’t have this installed. I already went through a zillion of tutorials on how to install Compass (they never mention the CSS3), but to no avail :frowning:

Is there an easier way to install compass/css3 on Atom? Or using an app? Doesn’t matter if it costs something, the terminal scared me :slight_smile:

kind regards and thanks for all your help!


That line is trying to import the _css3.sass file here. Just download those style sheets and unpack them into your SASS folder. You don’t need to install anything.


Hi @DamnedScholar,
thanks for the help. That clarifies a lot. I downloaded the whole zip and unpacked it to my css-folder:

SCSS - compass - css3/layout/reset/typography/utilities/_configuration.scss and so on.

Now, when I I use "@import “compass/css3” I get the following error in Atom:

"Error: File to import not found or unreadable: 
Parent style sheet: /Users/.../scss/compass/css3/_border-radius.scss on line 3 of Users/.../scss/compass/css3/_border-radius.scss 

But I think that has something to do with Atom because all the files are there, including the one mentioned above.


Found it. Needed to copy the whole bunch of files and also included:

/* compileCompressed, includePath : “compass/core/stylesheets” */

Dunno why, but it works now. Thanks !!


Atom does not have the ability to preprocess style sheets except for the Less it uses for its own style. If you’re using a package, then you need to specify which package you’re talking about in order for people here to troubleshoot the problem.


Hi DamnedScholar,

I was looking into the package I’m using:

It doesn’t seem to be able to compile the compass package. Apparently this has something to do with Libsass and Sassscript. But I’m not sure how to proceed now.


Seems to be a dead end:


It’s not a dead end because it gives you a concrete answer.

From this, you have two choices: install Compass or don’t use it.

I used Scout some years ago and it was a pleasant experience, and there’s absolutely no reason to be afraid of the command line.