Comparison of NW.js and Electron


Hello everybody!

I have started a comparison chart of NW.js and Electron for newcomers trying to decide which platform is best suited to their needs. It is a work in progress and I would very much like to get feedback from the NW.js community so I can improve it. You can find the chart at:

You can leave your comments, corrections or suggestions on the page or in this thread.

Thanks in advance



The NW.js community already chimed in but I would very much like to get input from the Electron community. Anybody ?


I haven’t used NW.js, so I really have no basis for comparison.


Even if you have not used NW.js, simply verifying that my data is correct would be helpful. For instance, it is not clear to me if Electron has support for the Windows App Store. Another example is the state of mp3/mp4 support.

The chart is here:



Are you aware that a comparison is already in the documentation here?


Yes, I was aware. I’m trying to go into more details. Thanks.


Gotcha. Was just checking.


I think Electon is ES6/2015 Support compliant (
You can try this in App electron

// detect es6 functionality
/* jshint evil:true */
eval('(function*() { yield 1 })()');
    console.log('es6 functionality');
} catch (e) { console.log('NO es6 functionality') }

Result : > es6 functionality


As you demosntrated, some parts are obviously available. What is less clear to me is how much of ES6/2015 is available, respectively, in the Node and browser contexts.

#10 has the current status of ES6 support in node. You could also have a look at for whatever version of Chrome is currently being used by Electron.


Thanks for that. However, what is still not clear to me is which one has priority in contexts where the two are present…


Electron 0.31.x uses Chrome 44 and Node 3.x. Chrome 44 and Node 3.x both use V8 4.4.x so there is no “priority” only whatever is supported in V8 4.4.


Yes, you are so very right! That’s the info I’ll put in my comparison chart. Thanks again!


And there is Issue #2685 to upgrade Electron with Chrome 45.


@jpcote thanks for putting that together! If it’s alright I’m going to reference in a talk I’m giving in October. Even though I’ve been using Electron for a while (and not so much NWjs) it’s good see a more detailed straight up comparison.


Of course! If you ever post the slides online let me know. I’d love to see what that talk was about. Cheers!


@jpcote Sweet! It will definitely be up online. Our slides and talks are always up online actually. Repos are here: and videos are here: