Compare files side-by-side with diff highlight



It would be great to be abble to compare two files, highlighting the differencies, in a side-by-side view.

The “Split mode” from is a great example :

Package Idea: Using Atom as a Git Diff tool
Vimdiff alike package?

how can i integrate this on my atom editor???


If you use Git, the merge-conflicts package is pretty good.


My package scroll-sync shows two files side and side and keeps them synced. It doesn’t show the diffs. That would be easy to add though since I use diffs to keep them synced. I’ll put it on my todo list.


+1 for integrating highlighted diffs into your package. That would be amazing.


@mark_hahn Did you ever add diff’ing to scroll-sync?


Unfortunately I have been unable to work on packages for over a month. I’m working right now to catch up all the issues and deprecations before the coming package apocalypse. Hopefully I’ll get to my to-do list soon.

I find I over-promise here just like I did for work. (grin)


If anyone wonders if there is a solution, I found the split-diff package which works amazingly well !


As far as I know split-diff doesn’t support git history. So If you enable split-diff for a file within a git repo the second pane remains empty. Is there another atom package that supports side-by-side diff for files under version control?


my solution:

install git-history
in git-history settings, uncheck “Show Diff”

show the git-history for a file
run spit-diff on your new and old file.


ungit has side by side git diff


Thank you!


If you want to see a diff for just one change in a little pop-up check out git-diff-popup.


I was going to add git support to split-diff, but decided it would be hard to top git-time-machine, which actually uses split-diff :slight_smile:


I just started using Atom for writing LaTeX. I want to compare two documents using the split-diff package (seems as a great option). What I have done so far:

  1. Installed Atom.
  2. Installed the following packages:
  3. Did a package dependencies update

When I open the two files I want to compare and run split-diff it shows one totally green and the other totally red. But just some lines are different.

Can someone please guide me a bit here? I would really appreciate it.

Best regards!


I would like run difftool for two branches using ATOM and split-diff


Installed the package and it works great, but I’m always have to cut and paste to see differences. How do I specify the two files I want to compare without cutting and pasting?