Communication with other applications


I have a cocoa application that does some tasks and I want it to notify my electron-based application when it has completed. What is the best way to do this?

I could write to a file to the filesystem from my native app and have my electron app watch for changes to that file but this seems a bit hacky. What is the best way to do inter-application communication like this?


You could also setup a local server with node, and use http requests to communicate. To me, this seems cleaner than writing to a temporary file, but I don’t know a lot on this topic, so there might be better ways to accomplish this.


I think I’m going to spin up a TCP server instead (just because it’s a little more lightweight) but it still feels like a hack!


Maybe u can use for this i don’t know, but i never do something with electron but is work like in atom maybe u can create a server inside electron waiting users to interact.

#5 is far too heavy for something like this.