Communicate between external .NET app and Electron app


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I am in need of some advice. I am building an electron app, which must communicate to an external .NET application, and the external app back to the electron app. So my question here is, which is the safest way to go with the electron app. I was looking into using IPC ( but read’ a comment that stated that IPC does not work with external apps. So what is your advice on this?

Thanks in advanced for any kind of help.

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I don’t know which comment you’re referring to, but I suspect you’re confused about the context. In Electron IPC is usually used to refer to the communication between the main/browser process and one or more renderer processes, in that context the IPC (implemented in the ipcMain, ipcRenderer, and remote built-in modules) is indeed purely for in-app use and can’t be used to communicate with external apps. Outside an Electron app however the OS provides various IPC mechanisms that allow disparate apps to communicate, this is the context within which node-ipc operates. I haven’t used node-ipc myself, but it seems to support Windows Pipes and Unix Domain Pipes which would be my preferred transport mechanism for IPC between disparate apps (assuming stdin/stdout is not sufficient).


Thank you enlight, I was aware of the prior (internal IPC), however just needed a confirmation that there should be no issues in communicating with external applications through the node-ipc package. I will share the end result.