Communicate between Browser Windows - node-ipc VS electron-window-manager


I’m doing an Electron app with multi-windows which needs to allow communication and shared data among them.
From what I understand, the Electron solution is to have Renderer Window 2 communicate with Main process and then have Main process communicate with Renderer Window 1. This doesn’t seem intuitive and I would prefer to avoid any unnecessary communication.

Thus, I searched around and found (I think) two solutions: node-ipc and electron-window-manager.

Since I am a little short on time to implement both and weight in on the pros/cons I thought to ask here to get some opinions on which one is the best choice.


I personally do the IPC via main or sometimes through zmq sockets but, electron-window-manager looks promising (looks like its using window names and abstracting out the need to explicitly manage IPC between them)