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I would ask, how can I comment line code in Ubuntu? ctrl-shift-O
I use german keyboard…

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The command editor:toggle-line-comments is bound to ctrl-/ by default.

If you want it bound to ctrl-shift-O you can add the following to your keymap file:

  'ctrl-shift-O': 'editor:toggle-line-comments'



It doesn’t works for fortran fixed form code as (c/c++ comment):
/daf = phi
ddf = 2.0d0

correct is:
! daf = phi
! ddf = 2.0d0

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Which package are you using to get the syntax highlighting for Fortran?
I assume:

To me it looks like there is a problem with the definition for source.fortran.fixed. Looks to me if the comment style is not defined for the “fixed” variant.


I assume this can be resolved if adding the lines…

+   'commentStart': '! '
+   'commentEnd': ''



Thanks! I think It should be a bug in this plugin (c++ comment …)


I ran into this long ago: I haven’t used that package in a long time though.


Hello Leslie.

If you change the two lines in the language / grammar package as shown above, then you will be good to go. The C++ style commentary is the default for language / grammars.



Hi DanPadric,

many thanks!

I also find perhaps some bugs in this package:

If I use Fortran Modern or Fortran FreeForm, The grammatic colors are fully incorrect. namely: comment parts and grammatic parts have the same color!