Commands don't execute


I am following Michael Hartl’s Text Editor Tutorial. I recently downloaded Atom using Homebrew. I am on Mac OS X. My issue is that no matter what command I enter, none of them execute. In order to follow the tutorial, I am trying to do this:

  1. curl -OL
  2. atom

But neither command does anything. I cannot access the .md file. Even when I type “atom --help” nothing happens or shows up.


What happens when you try to open Atom or the readme file through your graphical file manager?

If curl isn’t doing anything, then you might need to download it. Atom should still open even if you give it a nonexistent file, though (it should create the file). I believe Atom for OS X installs the shell commands when you open it for the first time, though, so you’ll be able to use atom after you open the app.


Thank you very much for your response. I am able to open the readme file in Vim, so it’s not curl. Additionally, per your suggestion I opened the readme file via my graphical file manager, and it opened in Atom! However, the commands still don’t produce any effect in Atom.

I do have the shell commands installed–I checked using which in the terminal.


What happens when you use atom by itself?


Same thing: nothing. I simply write the commands, press enter, and it goes to the next line without doing anything.


The previous response refers to when I type atom in Atom. When I type atom in Terminal, it opens Atom.


To my chagrin I realize I am phrasing many things wrong: since Atom is a text editor, it cannot run commands. The commands I first listed were meant to be entered into Terminal, how silly of me. Live and learn! Thank you for your time.


There are packages that can allow Atom to run commands, if you want to use it for that. I use termination. You can also write shell scripts and run them with a package like script.


Oh cool, didn’t know!