Commands are not always home-row friendly


In Emacs I was always able to type in all commands without ever leaving the home row, allowing me to work quicker.

In Atom this is usually the case, but it’s not always the case. Take the command ctrl-cmd-up which moves the current line up. Curretly you have to move your hand over to the arrow keys to use this command, which is annoying IMO.

Isn’t it better to make all commands available on the home row by default better practice?


Better practice for whom? For someone who is used to that, sure. For someone coming from Sublime or many, many, many other editors available where Ctrl+Cmd+Up is the standard method of moving the current line up, no.

But this is why Atom has such rich keybinding functionality, so that everyone can map their keys however they want.


Sorry, I wasn’t suggesting we remove the current command; just that we always provide a home row alternative.

I think the large amount of users switching over from Vim and Emacs justifies this, also it’s more ergonomic.

Just my 2 cents though, maybe this isn’t your vision for the project.


There have been so many issues with keybinding conflicts that what I’d like to see is no default keybindings and the user picks a “keybinding theme”, whether Vim-like or Emacs-like or Platform Standard … or people can create their own keybinding themes. Then packages can have a little more information on how to make their keybindings mesh well.


Have you tried one of the emac package ? Key binding compatibility with editor X should probably be with one of those package.