Command to update all installed packages

Is there a command to do this? Or do I have to manually go through each package checking to see if there are any updates?


I’m wondering this as well. I know apm allows you to install packages and it has an update command but doesn’t seem to work to run updates on packages from what i’ve tried. would also be nice to allow auto-updating packages as an option.


has anyone solved this issue. is the simple solution to run “apm update” in the .atom directory?

I just ran across some info here on upgrading packages. Not sure why i didn’t see it before but there’s an upgrade command available.

There doesn’t appear to be a way from within Atom itself, but typing ‘apm upgrade’ in Terminal will upgrade all outdated packages. It doesn’t matter which directory you’re in when you type this.


I don’t think you can update all available packages at once from within Atom – however packages requiring updates will have an icon on the left of their package name in the Atom settings.

Nice. In order to upgrade a specific package I have to run: apm install package_name ?

Isn’t it just this easy as for 2016 ?

synchro ~ $ apm update -h

Usage: apm upgrade
       apm upgrade --list
       apm upgrade [<package_name>...]

Upgrade out of date packages installed to ~/.atom/packages

This command lists the out of date packages and then prompts to install
available updates.

  --json         Output outdated packages as a JSON array                                  [boolean]
  --compatible   Only list packages/themes compatible with this Atom version                [string]
  --verbose      Show verbose debug information                           [boolean] [default: false]
  -c, --confirm  Confirm before installing updates                         [boolean] [default: true]
  -h, --help     Print this usage message
  -l, --list     List but don't install the outdated packages                              [boolean]

  Prefix an option with `no-` to set it to false such as --no-color to disable
  colored output.

Yes, both the command-line apm tool and the Settings View UI support upgrading all outdated packages now.