Command to switch between windows


I finally got it to work!

I’m using canadian french keyboard, so I put the OSX “Move focus to next window” shortcut normally “cmd+`” to “cmd+/” so it would be at the same place as a regular keyboard.

The default in Atom for “cmd+/” is toggling line comments and I couldn’t change the key-binding of toggle line comment in atom (don’t know why). So I changed the “toggle comments” in the edit menu via “OSX -> System preferences -> Keyboard -> App shortcuts” to something else (ctrl+q). and changing window works once again!


I had the same issue for a while with a European keyboard on OSX. This one requires shift+` to produce the backtick, and cmd+shift+` was not switching windows.

Similar to @RedFranck, what solved it for me was to change the shortcut under System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Move focus to next window. I had to search around for an available/working combination by using Key Binding Resolver on Atom. I ended up using ctrl+cmd± (minus).

So it seems this is an issue of shortcut binding between the OS and specific keyboards.

However, it would be nice if Atom’s top bar menu “Window” could list and switch between open windows - as it does in other applications, for example, on Chrome.


It’s very painful to use ctrl+cmd+< or > instead of cmd-` on french keyboard layout. Any MacOSX french user will have this issue, please note that atom is the only editor that does not support this basic MacOSX shortcut.


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cmd+< worked for me. On Swedish layout CMD and < are only 3cm apart.


Using 1.23.3 on MacOS (10.12.6) and when pressing the (cmd+`) key combination the key binding resolver picks it up successfully, but the window focus doesn’t change. Other applications are changing window focus on this key combination, and I’ve checked that the key combination is configured to perform this action.

Have tried changing to lots of different key combinations and ensuring that they are not being used by other actions, but nothing seems to help.

Update: Using (cmd+`) shortcut works fine with minimized windows. Was trying to switch MacOS windows tabs.


I don’t quite understand why you (and everyone else) are having an issue. This shortcut is not defined by Atom, rather it is an inbuilt macOS shortcut.

The key binding resolver should not pick it up, as I don’t believe it’s seen by Atom at all.

It may help to give what locality keyboard you’re using though, as my only experience is with a QWERTY one.

Just to confirm: you are talking about windows right (not the OS kind). It doesn’t work on tabs/panes within the single window. It will only do something when multiple windows are open.


My apologies. It works fine with minimized windows. I was indeed trying to change the window tabs. Any idea if there is a shortcut to switch the tabs? I’ve been looking for quite some time.


cmd-1 will get you the first tab, and can be used up to cmd-8 for the eighth. cmd-9 will get you the last open tab, and cmd-0 doesn’t do anything as far as I can tell.


+1 for this functionality
I use atom for code and for DB. And will be ok, if i can set hotkey for special atom window. Or just “focus last active atom window”


Using version Atom (version 1.25.1) on Windows 10, crtl+tab, are working perfectly.