Command Palette Button (One Button Interface ;) )


Gotta say, I really love the minimalistic interface.

One caveat: On my first day using Atom, I kept forgetting what the key combo for the Command Palette is. D’oh. I was like “I know it’s command-shift-SOMETHING…”

(I also kept forgetting what the Command Palette was called. I remembered ‘Palette’, but the Command part wasn’t exactly coming to mind.)

Might it be possible to make a small concession to graphical cruft and add a single button (say, at the top right) which, when clicked, does the equivalent of command-shift-P? It could even SAY command-shift-P on it.

Another small request is to have the Command Palette say ‘Command Palette’ at the top, say in subdued faded letters. It can be minimalistic, but just a few words and one button can make a big diff. :slight_smile:

Please don’t hurt me; I know this reminds one a little bit of the infamous ‘Start Button’ :wink:

See screenshot for my lousy mockup:


I double-dog dare someone to write a package for this and give the button a configurable name so people can call it “Start” if they want :laughing:


Just add this code to your

{$} = require 'atom'

cpb = $('<a href="">Start</a>').css
  'position': 'absolute'
  'float': 'left'
  'right': 3
  'height': 34
  'line-height': '32px'
  'overflow': 'hidden'

cpb.on 'click', ->
  atom.workspaceView.trigger 'command-palette:toggle'

$('.panes').append cpb

Custom toolbar?


I had no idea the entire interface was programmable with CSS and JavaScript/CoffeeScript.

Thank you! My eyes are opened to a world of awesome possibilities. Hackable editor INDEED!


I’ve added it to my init script just for the chuckles …

@AbeEstrada rocks! :bowtie: