Command Line Characters Fix?



I downloaded GPP Compiler package to run my C programs. The problem is, any characters that are not Turkish, are displayed wrong. How can i change my Atom’s command line interface’s language to correct this issue?



The screenshot you’re posting isn’t of Atom, it’s of Windows’ CMD window. You need to determine how to tell the CMD window what character encoding you’re using. You may also want to learn more about character encodings to better diagnose these kinds of things in the future, I’ve found this article to be very helpful in that regard :grinning:

Again, this has nothing to do with Atom. This is between your program and the operating system :slight_smile:


It seems there is much more work involved then it actually seems. I tried checking the locale. Even it seems to be Turkish, the character sets are somewhat different. My CMD behave normally but when i compile-run the program, this thing happens. Anyway, i’m using C for the time being until i complete my CS50 course. It will probably not become a big issue in the future when i start using Python.

I checked the Unicode suggestion and i’m sure to get some more education on that.

Thanks a lot.