Come on this is about Python3


It shows EOF when reading a line when i use input()


Just like this
is there someone tell me why and how can i do?plz


The script running add-ons in Atom cannot handle standard input.
You will need to run it in a terminal add-on or use the terminal in the OS.




… not reason to feel bad about your question.
It is a frustrating situation. It would be nice to have this.

I was also expecting this behaviour when starting with Atom a few weeks ago.
Thank you for the feedback.


Everybody comes here asking about the behavior of packages like script and atom-runner. The issue about adding the feature to script has been open for two and a half years with no apparent attempt to work on it. At this point, it seems unlikely that the maintainer will implement it unless someone else comes along and does the work.


The add-on for running Python V2.7 scripts in / from Notepad++ is a job well done IMO. I wished it was as easy as how this add-on worked for stuff in Atom.

What is interesting of the before mentioned add-on: the standard output was directed to an open Notepad++ text page if the terminal is not in focus. For script and so to re-routing the standard input, is not as easy as that.

IMHO we should have a terminal service that could work like the add-on in Notepad++. If we had some short-cut GUI buttons on the terminal frame to trigger running of scripts, it would go a long way. I think ‘someone’ should concentrate on making a terminal that can run code easily.

VSCODE with Python already makes it easier to execute/trigger scripts in their terminal. BUT out of the box the execution is not left in interactive mode after running the script. For playing with tutorials this is an issue.