Combining diacriitcs


Greetings, I am wondering if I am having a “just me” issue with diacritic rendering running ubuntu 16.04 and atom 1.13.1x64, it seems that when I use atom and I am writing texts which use combining diacritics that the diacritics will not combine properly.
Atom is rendering the text like so: “The associative phrase in U ̠t-Ma’in”, the line after the “U” is U+0331. It should not be set off to the side. It should be rendered like this: “The associative phrase in U̠t-Ma’in” I am copy and pasting the content in. It seems that atom is forcing each character to have its own single width space, when this is clearly not the characteristic defined by the Unicode character. Otherwise atom is changing the character. Note, I also tested this with my IPA keyboard and even though I am inputing a combining character correctly to Atom, it is not rendering or saving the character correctly.

Three questions:

  1. is there a preferred method to input combining diacritics in Atom?
  2. is there a better way to show what is happening on my screen?
  3. is there a better way to report this issue i.e. via github?


First off: I can’t reproduce what you’re seeing in Atom 1.19.0-dev, so hopefully that version will fix your issue when it gets released :smile:.

I can’t answer your first question, but I’ll try my best with the other two.
2. Screenshots! If it requires multiple actions to reproduce, GIFs are also helpful. Licecap works pretty well on Windows and macOS.
3. Discuss is a great place to ask questions, but if you’re like to submit a bug report, then yes it’s probably better to submit it on GitHub. However, since Atom is extremely modular, you’ll want to make sure that you’re submitting the bug report to the right repository. The Atom contributing guide has a great section on figuring out where your bug report should go.