Combine split panes


When I move between an external monitor and my laptop’s internal display I often have a bunch of open files that are in two split panes. But I don’t want to just close one, I want to combine them.

It’d be cool if you added the option to combine adjacent split panes!


We should add a keybinding for that. For now you can use the mouse to drag the items to a single pane.


Is it just missing a binding? Can I add my own? Will something like ‘pane:combine-left’ work?


You could make a package that implements ‘pane:combine-left’. But we don’t have a built-in command that does that.


Should I or do you plan to add it? Totally willing to, but only if it’s not on your list.


Is the current implementation of panes not a separate package? If it isn’t, shouldn’t it be? I’m not sure how feasible adding an API to make moving panes to a package is, but it’s best to move as many things as possible to packages, so that’d be a good thing, and it’d allow contributions like this to go directly to the panes package rather than to a separate package (since combining panes is, after all, a very essential feature).


@idyll It’s on our list, but there are about 4,329 things ahead of it. So I say you should go for it!

@Rastus_Vernon panes are in core, but we have an API that allows you to manipulate panes using the Workspace and Pane classes.