Columns / Row view


In sublime text there is a view that lets me open two or more files in the same window, and then edit them side by side. This is extremely useful for my workflow where I often have to refactor code.

What I’m asking for is not same document open in two seperate areas in the same window ( though that is also useful ) . I’m asking for two different documents in the same window.



Once you open a second pane via ⌘K, → (or any other arrow direction) you can open files in each of them independently.


Thanks for pointing out this feature. It’s not listed in any of the menus. So I didn’t have a clue this existed at all. No menu item seems to show these . So perhaps adding this into a menu would be helpful :smile:



Modern editors simply have too many pieces of functionality to expose all of them through menu items. But Atom does offer a “command palette” that lists all the commands a user can execute. You can open the command palette with ⌘⇧P and then fuzzy search for commands. Like so:


As I know it now, it’s okay. For people who start with atom , they may not think to look in the palette first. Even comparable editors who have a “view” / “window” menu list this as a relevant option.

There doesn’t appear to be ability to setup / keep the grids you create. So the ability to keep a standard layout of your own isn’t there.